Let’s Talk Resources!

Good morning Fellow Prayer Project Journal girls! That was a mouthful!

So, over the weekend Live Strong Ministries had the blessed opportunity to speak at Index Church in West Liberty, KY.

While we were there sharing the 2017 Prayer Project, I brought along a couple of resources that I use for my prayer journal. The ladies asked me to share those on the blog so that they can pick those up for their journals.

Let me tell you why we love these 2 items so very much! You can find Scriptures by subject. (anger, fear, prayer, trust) This allows you to find Scripture quicker and you can see all Scriptures that pertain to that specific subject.

I love to share the resources that I use for writing and my journaling time with Jesus, I also use these for Scripture memorization. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

You can find each of these online and in book stores!

  1. John G. Kruis. “Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling”
  2. Patricia A. Miller. “Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Women”


Till next time!




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