Not too Proud to Beg

I Samuel 1

As we enter into the first book of Samuel, we see a barren wife named Hannah. Year after year she would travel with her husband Elkanah, his second wife Peninnah, and children to Shiloh for worship and sacrifice to the Lord. Hannah was often ridiculed by Peninnah for her barrenness. Each visit, Hannah would cry and not eat. On one occasion after a sacrificial meal, Hannah went to pray. She begged the Lord to bless her with a son and promised to give him to the Lord. She poured her heart out that day, so much that Eli the Priest, who was watching, assumed she was drunk! But Hannah explained she was praying out of great anguish and sorrow. Eli told her, “Go in peace! May the God of Israel grant the request you have asked of Him.” Hannah went on her way and began to eat with no sadness about her. As we read on, we see that God did in time, answer Hannah’s prayer for a son. As her son Samuel grew, she did as promised and took him to the Tabernacle to give him to the Lord.

Over the last four years, I have committed to praying specific Scriptures over my family. On Sunday, my daughter-in-law Taylor gave her heart to Jesus. I had the privilege of walking with her to the altar and while we were there praying, my heart overflowed with gratefulness for answered prayers. My prayer journals are bursting with prayer requests for my kids and lost family. It is there that I pour my heart out to the Lord on those wide lined pages, begging like Hannah did for my requests to be answered. Sometimes those answers come quickly, while others seem to take years.

If you’re waiting for an answer to prayer, I would like to encourage your heart. Continue to make your requests known daily. When discouragement comes, know that God hears and is working mightily behind the scenes of our lives on each detail. Our God meticulously arranges each element at just the right time and even though the circumstances may say one thing, God says something else in His Holy Word.

I prayed for my sweet daughter-in-law every day for over two years. There are details of her salvation that I will forever hold in my heart. As I waited, the Lord took the time to let me know He heard and was responding. As I watched Taylor find Jesus through Sunday School Bible lessons, praise and worship music, and our talks of God’s plans, I could feel His breath on her and I was able to enjoy the journey with her. That’s the best part of leading others to Jesus; you get to experience it too! Those prayer requests may seem like you beg the Lord for an answer day in and day out. Keep begging! He hears! Just don’t forget to open your eyes and watch for Him to move!

This Mama is not too proud to beg!





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